A purpose-built solution to maximize distribution center performance.

The key solution: Labor Optimization

  • Proven mathematical models forecast inbound and outbound volume to ensure the right staff are working on the right tasks at the right time
  • Integrates with your existing WMS for real-time visibility of actual performance against order requirements
  • Enables efficient intraday decision making, ensuring orders are filled at the right time to meet store profiles

Improved Forecasting & Planning

Mathematically Optimized Rostering
and Scheduling

Real-time Day of Operations

Your distribution center's competitive advantage:


Plan for success with intelligent forecasting to ensure all KPIs are met


Boost performance and employee retention with optimized scheduling


Proactively manage intra-day productivity in real time

Implement Optimize to address a single planning or DC management concern, or as a complete workforce management and optimization solution with integration to your existing WMS.

Optional: Continue building your complete Workforce Optimization solution

Please contact us to discuss additional HR solution and integration requirements.

Recruitment Management

Building a strong team begins with hiring the right people. Create an efficient, effective recruitment process with all the tools you need in an automated pipeline.

Onboarding & Induction

Provide a seamless experience for all new team members with automated tasks and detailed role-specific workflows to ensure all training and compliance requirements are met.

Rostering & Scheduling

Enable efficient planning and full visibility of your staff and schedules with automatic allocation and updates, multiple views, notifications and a complete understanding of scheduled costs.

Time & Attendance

Efficient and accurate employee attendance management featuring integration with high-speed facial recognition solution or a tablet-based time clock.

Timesheet Capability

Additional capability for timesheet integration if required, including easy timesheet access for employee and manager approval from both web and mobile applications.

Leave Management

Efficient management of your team and leave requests. Quickly view and respond to leave requests, whether you’re in the office or on the DC floor, on both web and mobile.

Employee Development

Make the most of your team with increased development and learning opportunities. Define your plan, assign objectives, manage learning and track performance, all from one place.


Implement a reliable payroll system that respects your contractual obligations for every employee. Integrated with your time & attendance and award interpretation systems, we ensure seamless and consistently accurate payroll every time.

Bespoke Design Capability

Our team is experienced in creating bespoke solutions and integrations to perfectly suit client needs. Whether you wish to tailor existing features or create a fully custom solution, please contact us to discuss your development requirements.

The answer to employee attraction and retention challenges

  • Schedule to suit individual team member needs, availability, flexibility & preferences to boost retention
  • Enable quality management, leading to more motivated teams and a stronger employer brand
  • Support & enable success through the creation of optimal schedules with all skills, targets & KPIs considered
  • Enable continuous improvement for all teams and team members

Case Study: Australian Distributor Increases Productivity By 6% With Optimize.

Learn how this distributor has maximized efficiency, productivity, performance and management for thousands of employees across multiple distribution centers.