Case Study: Australian Distributor Increases Productivity By 6%

The Challenge:

This client needed a solution to enable more efficient planning and intraday management processes for their distribution centers across Australia.

The Solution:

Optimize provides the operations teams with the tools to better forecast and plan, optimize schedules and manage intraday operations in real time for more effective decision making.

The Result:

This distributor has achieved a 6% increase in team member productivity across multiple distribution centers following the implementation of Optimize.

How was this achieved?

Enhanced planning and forecasting processes.

Using forecast inbound and outbound volume, our client can ensure the right staff are consistently scheduled to work on the right tasks at the right time to meet all KPIs.


Workforce optimization through optimized shifts across multiple DCs.

Significantly reducing planning time, Optimize enables the DC operations teams to generate schedules with all constraints considered, compare scenarios and set the schedule, in a matter of minutes.

Where re-optimization used to take hours to achieve, this team can now reschedule in only a few clicks. Through this process alone, their planners are saving a substantial amount of time every week.


Significant efficiency boost with real-time intraday management.

This client previously had to wait until each shift was over to understand productivity metrics, which made accurate intraday decision making difficult. Integrating with their existing WMS, Optimize enables DC managers to understand all aspects of their team’s performance to the last 5 minutes. Productivity issues can now be addressed as soon as possible, ensuring KPIs are achieved and every order filled to meet store profiles, every shift.

An impressive 6% increase in team member productivity has been achieved since the implementation of Optimize.

Key Features:

  • Real-time dashboards
  • Automatic schedule changes in relation with team members’ actual work
  • Real-time notifications for desktop and mobile users
  • Live reporting capabilities for Operations, Commercial, Planner and Payroll teams
  • Team member training management, rostering, performance management and leave management
  • Capability for Return to Work plan management
  • Real-time actual costs calculation per team member, per week, and per shift through interpretation of client’s own EBA per distribution center
  • Integration with the client’s existing WMS, Time & Attendance system, and team member self-management portal.

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